Thursday, 28 May, 2009 Offbeat

Man Bites Woman Following Bite Me Remark


Francis Woodruff, 51, an instructor at Connecticut Police Academy, was accused with disorderly behavior after he bit one of his colleague's after "bite me" remark.

The former Waterbury police captain has been charged and released on a promise to show in court after he has bitten the arm of Rochelle Wyler, 42, who holds the position of license and applications analyst at the academy.

The arrest report states that after the bite, Wyler had her left triceps left with Woodruff's teeth marks and bruising. She filed a complaint in which Wyler stated that Woodruff was irritating her by calling her a clerk. Her response was "bite me" and that was exactly what her colleague did in response, reports

Woodruff admitted of biting Wyler, but told authorities that he was just joking around.

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