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Man Builds Electric Version of American Bomber - World's Biggest DIY Plane


The model-maker Tony Nijhuis built a scale version of Boeing B-50 Superfortress in his home garage. The model of the US 1950s bomber boasting 20ft wingspan claims to be the biggest DIY electric plane in the world, featuring 4 electric motors that receive power from 96 batteries.

The energy produced by the batteries is enough to perform a short flight, lasting not more than 8 minutes - then the designer has to recharge the batteries.

To create a smaller version of the American bomber, Mr. Nijhuis required over $10,000. The plane was made using balsa wood and plywood. It has a functional bomb bay doors along with a pneumatic landing gear.

The model is limited to flying at an altitude of 400 feet because of the built-in elevator control, rudder control and pneumatically operated under carriage.

More information is available here.

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