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Man Faced Sex Discrimination for Taking His Wife's Name


A man who wanted to take his wife's last name after their marriage in US, had to wait two years and face a lawsuit alleging sex discrimination before he could make such changes in his driving license.

Michael Buday, a 31 year old man decided to take the last name of his wife , Diana Bijon because he felt much closer to Diana's father. When his wife suggested him to take her last name, he could not even imagine how much trouble it would be for a man to change his name.

A common procedure of changing the last name turned out to be more than troublesome for a man according to California and 40 other US states. Michael Buday had to pay 350 USD (A374) fee, appear in court, make a public announcement and provide piles of documents to change his last name in driving license.

It took several months before they decided to appeal to the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California. Two years later the lawsuit led to some changes made in California state law that allowed both the groom and the bride choose the last name they liked. Previously, couples could easily leave their birth names or take a double barrel name, but there was no place for a man to choose his bride's name.

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