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Man Holds the Record for the Most Guinness World Records


The 54-year-old Ashrita Furman from Jamaica, Queens, was officially registered as the first person in the world to hold 100 Guinness Book of Records simultaneously. The record was registered after he joint a group of people at City Hall Park, who recited one poem in 111 languages. The group read the poem "Precious", written by the late Indian spiritual leader Sri Chinmoy.

Furman was the one to read the eighth line of the poem in Zulu. "It was fun learning about many of these languages - quite a few I never even heard of," he said.

Over one hundred participants gathered in the park from different countries to recite the poem in languages that ranged from Dzongkha to Picard. The attempt was successful, breaking the previous record, when people read the "Values on Community Harmony" in 79 languages.

Currently Furman holds the position of a health-food store manager. He registered his first Guinness Book record back in 1979 and since then the man managed to earn about 230 Guinness records. In his first record Furman did 27,000 jumping jacks in 5 hours. One of his latest records involved eating the most M&Ms in 1 minute using chopsticks. The record was 38, reports New York Daily News.

Furman broke records on every continent over the last three decades. But he wasn't always like that. "As a kid I was always fascinated by the Guinness Book of World Records. But I was very unathletic and I never thought I could," he said.

A strong belief in his abilities came to him after Furman discovered meditation when he was a teenager. He believes that everyone has an inner strength but people rarely use it. "I just love the challenge of trying to be the best in the world in something," says Furman.

Some of his most amazing records include:

- Most deep knee bends in one minute, 55,

- Most cloves of garlic eaten in one minute, 22;

- Most baseballs held in baseball glove for 10 seconds, 22;

- Most T-shirts torn in half in one minute, 14;

- Most eggs crushed with head in one minute, 80;

- Fastest time for eating and peeling 3 kiwifruits, 24.05 seconds.

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