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Man Killed Former Co-Worker Who Spotted Him Stealing Laptops


A man, who was found guilty of killing a former co-worker, was sentenced for a minimum of 26 years in prison. Matthew Fagan, 34, returned to the former workplace to steal several laptops, when he was spotted by 28-year-old Cathy Marlow, from Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, who had been returning to the office in order to catch up with some work.

Fagan used a scarf to strangle Ms Marlow in the office located in Stockwell, south London. The man, who is an American national, was pleaded guilty of murder and Judge Brian Barker stated that Fagan must serve a minimum term of 26 years.

"Against a man of your size and strength she would have stood no chance," Judge Barker told Fagan.

Brendan Marlow, the woman's brother, was in the court when the verdict was announced. He said that his mother died of cancer shortly after his sister was murdered.

"The man who carried out this crime is as cruel as he is callous," said Marlow.

Source: News.com.au

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