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Man Misdiagnosed with Terminal Cancer Gave Away His Savings


A Scottish man, who was wrongly diagnosed with cancer by doctors who told him he was dying, decided to distribute all his life savings to friends and relatives and ended up as a broke.

Andy Lees, a 72 year old grandfather, handed out his В_12,000 savings to his children, grandchildren and friends and spent the rest В_6,500 on his funeral planning, after he was told of his terminal condition.

Last year the man was taken to the St. John's Hospital in Livingston, where doctors announced him he had the lung and liver cancer in its final stage. However, one year after, the doctors told him that he did not have cancer, but a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which is a serious condition, but is not a terminal illness.

"I couldnв_Tt believe it. I gave away my life savings because I didnв_Tt think I would need them. We just presumed that the doctor would be right. Now I am broke," Mr Lees said.

The man considers suing the hospital for the mistake that caused him financial loss. Mr. Lees told that now he cannot afford buying the mobility scooter and cannot leave his house because of the illness.

The National Health Service officials said that investigation of the case is already under way. The medical director of the hospital met with Mr.Lees and his family to apologize for the distress and told that the necessary measures will be taken to prevent such blunders.

Source: The Times Online

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