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Man Puts Family Nuclear Bunker Up for Sale


Back in 1980s during the cold war between USSR and the West, Mike Thomas built a family bunker that was meant to protect him and his family from nuclear war.

Now that the bunker is little of use, Mike decided to put it up for sale. The nuclear bunker can be found in Lydenford, near Brixham in Devon. It is able to withstand a 1 megaton nuclear explosion.

Inside one will be able to find everything that a person requires to live in case of a nuclear attack. The bunker is located 20 feet below the kitchen of Mr. Thomas' house. It is lined with girders that are filled with hundreds of tons of concrete walls. The thickness of these walls is 32 inches.

Inside the 300-square feet bunker there's enough space to store food and water for a whole family for one month.

There are also 6 bunk beds, Swiss-made ventilation system, diesel-powered generator for electricity, 400-litre water tank, toilet, a small hand basin, and even a phone line, reports DailyMail.

The plywood sheets lining the walls are used to maintain a constant 12C temperature. In order to build the bunker Mr. Thomas required the help of a civilian engineer who previously built bunkers for the Ministry of Defense. At that time the cost of the construction was GBP45,000, which today is about GBP200,000.

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