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Man Returned from Vacation to Find He Was Declared Dead


A British man, who went on holiday without telling anyone about his plans, was surprised to find his neighbors and friends mourning his death.

The story began in June, when Michael O'Neill, a 49-year-old man from Middlesbrough, England, decided last minute to visit Australia. He did not tell anyone about his spontaneous decision.

His neighbors were concerned about an extended absence of the man and called police. Police broke into his home but failed to find any evidence of his whereabouts.

His friends thought that their suspicions confirmed, when they saw a family announcement about death of Michael O'Neill from Middlesbrough. By an incredible coincidence, another Michael O'Neill was of almost the same age and had two brothers Kevin and Terry like the man who went on vacation.

"I went out on June 2 to stay with a friend and when I got back last Monday I found my door had been smashed in!" said Mr O'Neill who returned from holiday.

His neighbors were quite surprised to receive a postcard from Australia to find that the man is on holiday.

Mr O'Neill said that his friends still cannot believe he is alive, thinking he must be a ghost. "Everywhere I am going, people I know are grabbing hold of my hand, saying 'I thought you were dead!' he added.


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//1 Oct 03, 2008 06:28 PM | posted by: sharaeff [InfoMANIAC]
WOW, the story is very amusing!!!can't imagine myself in such situation...anyway it's nice that everything ended so well!
The moral of the story: if you decided to die, leave a message!

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