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Man Says Mars Bars Are to Blame After Biting His Girlfriend


A man became so angered because his girlfriend wore pig pants in Bridget Jones style that he bit her and blamed his odd behavior on his habit of eating 10 Mars bars each day. The 38-year-old Marco Fella said that the accident happened because of his addiction to sugar, which made the man eat the Mars bars.

The Bodmin magistrates' court heard that jobless Fella, 34, lived together with his girlfriend for about a year and over a period of ten days the man assaulted the woman twice. At first he hit the woman with a rope used as a dog toy and afterwards the man bit her finger.

The man admitted the two common attacks. Currently Fella's sentencing was postponed for probation reports. According to the prosecutor Miss Janet Furlonger, the man bit the victim's finger during a quarrel which began after he asked the woman to wear a thong and instead she decided to wear large pants.

Miss Furlonger outlined that previously Fella hit his girlfriend with a rope and told the police that he was a bit irritated. The man's defender, Mr Martin Pearce, in response said that Fella was addicted to sugar, which is why he ate 10 Mars bars everyday. He added that the man showed aggression each time his body did not get enough sugar but recently Fella attended courses of anger management.

"My client's temper snapped because he felt his partner was not making enough effort in the relationship but he is now deeply sorry for his actions," said Mr Pearce.

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