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Man Spends 14 Years Digging Tunnel Through Mountain


After 14 years of carving with a hammer and a chisel, a villager living in eastern Bihar state, India, was able to cut a tunnel through a mountain. Truck owner Ramchandra Das decided to make a tunnel so his neighbors would have the possibility to get to the nearby fields and he could finally park his truck near his house.

The 53-years-old villager was able to carve 10-meters long and 4-meters wide tunnel after a lot of villagers complained that to get to the nearest town they have to walk 7 kilometers over the mountain. Initially Das asked authorities to make a tunnel, but they refused, so he decided to do the job by himself and started carving the tunnel through the earth towards the nearest big town called Atri.

After becoming the owner of the truck, Das could not drive it to his home, which made his task more pressing, informs Reuters. He was also afraid that someone might steal his vehicle. Now local villagers use the new tunnel to get to work much easier.

It is worth mentioning that Das was highly inspired by Dasharath Manjhi, another villager who decided to make a 120-meters long, 10-meters wide and 8-meters high tunnel to help villagers reach the hospital much faster. The decision was made after Manjhi's wife passed away because he couldn't get her to the hospital. The titanic work took him 22 years.

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