Friday, 28 Nov, 2008 Offbeat

Man Steals Cop Car to Drive Away from Detox Center


A man from Minnesota, who just came out of a detox center, decided to still a car that belonged to an undercover deputy. According to Crow Wing County Sheriff's Department the 20-year-old Christopher Wayne Schwarz simply wanted to get home but chose the wrong method.

The man was arrested after being chased for less than half an hour, reported the Brainerd Dispatch. Schwarz faces charges of fleeing a peace officer and stealing a motor vehicle.

Sheriff Todd Dahl said that in case one wants to find the shortest way to jail than the method applied by the young man is probably the quickest. "You always read about something like this happening somewhere else, or see it on television, but you'd never think it would happen here," he said.

Originally the man was arrested at the county detox center. Sheriff Dahl stated that the center's staff called policed to help get the man into a seclusion room. In the mid-afternoon Schwarz was released, United Press International reports.

The sheriff said that someone forgot to take the keys out of the car's ignition, which led to Schwarz using the keys to make his getaway.

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