Wednesday, 03 Oct, 2007 Offbeat

Man strangled wife's cat


A man was fed up with his wife's cat's behavior and strangled the cat with shoe laces. He appeared in court on charge of animal abuse.

Koos Buitendag, 50 year old man from De Aar, a town in the Northern Cape, South Africa, got mad after he saw his wife's cat urinating in the kitchen. He took the cat, strangled and hanged the animal. He was arrested after his wife called the police.

It was told that Buitendag couldn't stand cat's unhygienic behavior, saying that animal made too much mess around the house. He didn't allow the cat enter the house and got mad after he found the cat was relieving itself in the kitchen.

He strangled the cat with shoelaces and then hanged the animal from the hook near the house.

Buitendag is charged with animal abuse and the case will be investigated until October.

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