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Man Won $4.2M Thanks to His Nagging Wife


Thanks to his nagging wife, a man, living in Auckland, New Zealand, bought a lottery ticket just a couple of minutes before the closing of ticket sales and won $4.2 million.

"My wife had been nagging me all week to get a ticket, so I when saw the Lotto sign ... I sprinted in to get the ticket before they closed," said the man. He preferred to remain anonymous, which is a usual thing among lottery winners in New Zealand.

The man believes that he was the last customer that night. He said that together with his wife he had had difficult times, living on one income together with children.

"I have never been so glad to listen to my wife's nagging," the man said.

The next day after purchasing the ticket, the man found that they had won a fortune. He said that it all happened because of a small request from his wife for a barbecued sausage.

When the man went shopping, he found that he did not have enough cash to purchase the sausage for his wife, so he decided to check the lottery ticket he bought the day before, hoping he might win a small prize, reports Yahoo!News.

"I could not believe it when they said I was actually the big winner," he said.

After showing the printout to his wife, the woman at first though that they won $4,200, but after realizing the real sum of money "she fell to the floor, and then said: 'but all I wanted was a sausage,'" the man said.

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