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Marriage Hunting Bra Presented in Tokyo


Each day millions of new ideas light up people's brains, but some of them are so awful that they could be included in the list of the worst ideas in the world (if there was such). One of such ideas was recently presented in Tokyo and is called "marriage hunting" bra.

The bra incorporates a digital marriage countdown clock. Because the device is a bra in the first place, it is worn around the midriff. Thus, whenever a man decides that it is time to be more than friends, and the couple gets private, he suddenly runs across this device, and this is where the surprise happens.

The device is called "Konkatsu Bra", which is literally translated as "marriage hunting" bra. On May 13, 2009, it was unveiled by the Triumph International, a company that specializes in lingerie, reports Reuters.

The marriage countdown clock, featured on the bra, shows the marriage deadline set by wearer of the gadget. Whenever one inserts an engagement ring between the cups, the device starts playing "The Wedding March", marking the engagement. Then the letters on the "marriage hunting" bra read, "now hunting for a husband".

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