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Mathematic Formula Pinpoints June 19 as the Happiest Day of 2009


June 19 is the day when people around the world will feel the cheeriest. Dr Cliff Arnall is a psychologist who claims he was able to work out a formula that can identify the day when people will feel the cheeriest.

He says that people should forget about the crisis and all of their worries since the secret of happiness can be found in the things that are free. The 44-year-old former NHS psychologist and lecturer at Cardiff University currently runs the happiness clinics, says that the best way to enjoy life and feel good is to spend time with your friends and the people you love, admire nature and thinking about the holidays.

The formula that Dr Arnall devised is really not that complicated: O + (N x S) + Cpm/T + He.

O = being outdoors and outdoor activity

N = nature

S = social interaction

Cpm = memories of childhood summers and other positive thoughts

T = temperature

He = excitement about holidays

The psychologist says that today people often think about the credit crunch, but that does not remove the main factors in his equation, which include spending time outside in the sunshine and with the loved ones. He outlines that all things that are needed for a person to be happy are actually free.

Dr Arnall says that our lives consist of our relationships, and this is what money cannot buy. "I've spoken to miserable multimillionaires and people who have no money but are very happy because they have amazing friends," he says.

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