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Mathematical Formula Of Happily Married Couples Invented


Scientists invented a mathematical model, which can predict with a surprising exactity which married couples will divorce and which ones won't.

The formula, created by a group of researchers (a specialist in Psychology and 2 auxiliary specialists in Mathematics), allows predicting with a 94-per-cent exactity whether a couple will divorce or not. According to John Gottman, a psychologist at the University of Washington in Seattle, it is enough to observe for some minutes how partners discuss a subject they have different opinions on, such as sex, money, children or traveling for example.

Points were calculated for all the positive and negative signals between the partners during their conversation. Jokes, coquettish and affectionate gestures, smiles and tender intonations are positive signals, while sarcasm, ironical gestures etc are negative signals. The ideal proportion is the one that includes 5 positive signals against 1 negative signal. It isn't excluded that the couple who doesn't reach the upper mentioned proportion has a greater risk of experiencing unpleasant consequences – this was the conclusion made by Mr. Gottman at the conference of the American Association of Collaboration towards Science Development in Seattle.

"When happily married couples talk about important things, they may be contradicting one another, but, at the same time, they will be laughing and teasing each other, thus the signs of their affection will be easily seen, since partners have established emotional links", Gottman says.

However, many people don't know how to contact correctly with each other, which means that many discussions amoung couples take place because they aren't capable of establishing these emotional links.

The mathematical formula is based on a study made on approximately 700 newly married couples from Seattle. Scientists observed these couples since the day of their wedding and continued to study them for the next 10 years. The participants involved in the experiment were not aware of the study's results.

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