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Maya Civilization or When Should We Expect The Apocalypse To Happen


The civilization Maya remains to be the biggest mystery for many scientists. During the conquering of Yucatan, almost all written sources of this civilization were destroyed by the conquistadors. What we have nowadays remained from it are just a few sources that can tell us where did the civilization Maya come from, what was the cause of the prosperous civilization's fall and who gave the Indians Maya the knowledge about the Universe and the future.

The greatest invention of the civilization Maya was the calendar.

The basis of this calendar was the mystical origin date of 13th of August 3113 B.C. The counting of years were starting from it precisely. By the way, we use the mystical date of "Christ's birth" for the counting of our years too.

This calendar, though very old, is surprisingly accurate. According to the contemporary calculations, the year lasts 365.2422 days. The Indians Maya had counted the year to last 365.2420 days - a difference of 0.0002 days. To make such an accurate calendar, according to scientists, Maya should have observed and registered the moves of the planets for about 10.000 years.

Where did aptitudes of such accurate calculations come from in those times? If we believe the Maya Calendar, where time is divided into cycles, the end of our cycle will come on 21st of December 2012. According to the legends of this civilization, every cycle finishes with a practically complete destruction of the civilization living in this cycle.

Scientists have calculated that the "5th Sun" had started on the 13th of August 3113 B.C. Nobody knows why and what event is related to this particular date. In addition, nobody knows where did the Maya take from their original system of counting time and its dividing into cycles. And still, people today believe there was a meaning in that. That's why there are a lot of predictions about it. Predictions about cataclysms that will begin the next Big cycle of the Maya Calendar - "The 6th Creation Epoch" or "The 6th Sun".

Maya considered that, from the moment of the creation of human beings, 4 cycles or "Suns" had passed. Four human races that died during the great cataclysms. Only very few people were left alive to tell what happened.

"The 1st Sun" had lasted 4008 years and was destroyed by earthquakes. "The 2nd Sun" had lasted 4010 years and was destroyed by hurricanes. "The 3rd Sun" had lasted 4081 years and was totally destroyed by a rain of fire, coming from volcanos. "The 4th Sun" (5026 years) was destroyed by a great flood.

Today we live the last years of "The 5th Creation Epoch" or "The 5th Sun". It is also known under the name of "The Sun of Movement". Maya considered that, in the end of this 5126-years-cycle, a certain movement of the Earth will take place, which will bring about the destroyment of our civilization in its turn.

What's more interesting is that, on the 21st of December 2012, there will be a planets' parade.

Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Earth will arrange into a single line. Actually, parades of this kind had taken place before. On the 21st of August 2012 not only the planets of our Solar System will line up, but also the planets of other solar systems, thus forming a line from the centre of the galaxy. We can compare this process to the moving of a clock's hands to 12 o'clock. This combination will mean the moving of the Universe from a system to another.

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