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MBA Graduate Posts His Resume in Taxi Back Seat


A young man, who recently earned master's degree in business administration, cannot find work in his field, which is why he decided to post his resume in the back seat of the taxi cab that he is currently driving in New York City.

After earning MBA degree at Philadelphia's La Salle University, James Williamson wasted four months on different interviews while looking for a job troubleshooting electronics, writing advertising copy or dealing with technical sales, reports New York Post.

To be able to pay the bills, when nothing worked out, he got his taxi license. According to James Williamson, who is native of Durham, N.C., the resume placed in the back seat of the cab represents his last hope that one of the customers notices it and becomes his employer.

Despite the fact that till now the young man received a number of business cards and a variety of supporting comments, Williamson still did not get any job offer.

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