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Medal of Honor Video Game Will Not Be Sold at US Military Stores


The Medal of Honor video game has been highly criticized and the US military came to the conclusion that it will not sell the game. In addition, GameStop mentioned that it will not stock it.

Despite the fact that there is no ban on those who own the game, members of the military will not have the possibility to purchase it at military bases. This is because the Army & Air Force Exchange Service and the Coast Guard Community Services Command stated they won't permit sales of the video game at any of the 181 exchanges or on the website.

The video game and entertainment software retailer GameStop also said that it won't stock the Medal of Honor video game at its 49 stores on domestic bases. In regard to the measures undertaken, major general Bruce Casella, commander of the AAFES said: "We regret any inconvenience this may cause authorized shoppers, but are optimistic that they will understand the sensitivity to the life and death scenarios this product presents as entertainment".

It is worth mentioning that the new version of Medal of Honor is expected to be launched in October. One of the most controversial features of the game is that it allows players to take on the role of Taliban fighters, which apparently is considered to be much worse than, say, playing the role of Nazi stormtroopers or terrorists.

The British defense secretary Sir Liam Fox said that the video game must be banned due to the fact that it is "disgusted and angry" and "un-British and tasteless", reports ABC News. However, the developer of the game, Electronic Arts, is somewhat confused by the outcry. The company's president Frank Gibeau has compared Medal of Honor to films and books set in Afghanistan, which don't face such criticisms.

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