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Michael Jackson Dies of Cardiac Arrest at the Age of 50


The famous pop star Michael Jackson died at the age of 50. According to several sources, the king of pop suffered a cardiac arrest that occurred at his Holmby Hills home. Doctors could not revive the star, when they arrived, Michael Jackson had no pulse and paramedics were unable to get his pulse back.

When Jackson arrived at the hospital, the medical staff attempted to bring him back to life, but they got no response from the heart. Sources say that there were a huge number of fans who begged the doctors to save the singer.

The official time of death of Michael Jackson is 3pm local time (about 8am AEST) after doctors attempted to bring the star back to life for an hour.

According to the lawyer for the Jacksons family, the death of Michael Jackson could have been predicted. The death was not unexpected because of the prescription medications that Jackson was having. Brian Oxman, who is the family's attorney, said that the singer was taking prescription drugs that supposed to help him get back into shape for the star's comeback tour that was expected to start in London in July. The attorney also mentioned that he had concerns about the singer's use of drugs. He said that members of Jackson's staff were the ones to enable him to take the medicines. "I do not know the extent of the medications that he was taking but the reports we had been receiving in the family is that they were extensive."

"This is not something that has been unexpected... because of the medications which Michael was under," Mr Oxman stated when he was at the hospital where the star's family members had gathered.

According to The Sun, Jackson was addicted to Demerol, which is a powerful painkiller. The source says that after injected a new dose of the painkiller the star stopped breathing. The Los Angeles coroner informed that an autopsy on Michael Jackson is going to be carried out tomorrow.

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