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Millionaire Dies From Depression at the Age of 31


Party pill millionaire Logan Millar, aged 31, has died after suffering from deep depression. Family spokesman Mark Beaumont said Logan Millar lost his battle with depression after a few-months struggle. Millar's family and friends are devastated with this loss, having asked the media to respect their privacy.

Mr Millar was the head of Advanced Herbal Supplements, founded in 2000. The company produced pills, including Red Hearts, Charge, and Ice Diamonds. He was known as 'the king of the party pill trade' and had made millions.

The millionaire supported the idea that party pills should be legalized. In December he made a warning statement that the ban on benzylpiperazine (BZP), an active ingredient, would make the industry go underground.

Before getting into party pills, Logan Millar dealt with selling caffeine pills and a herbal sex aid, Charge. The millionaire owned a collection of luxury vehicles, with a 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo, for the price of 500,000 dollars, and a 2003 Jaguar Model S, for over 130,000 dollars.

Logan Millar dated model Nicky Watson last year, having split from his girlfriend he had been dating for five years, Miss Erotica Michaiah Simmons.

Police said they attended a sudden death on the North Shore yesterday afternoon but refused to name the person until contacting next of kin.

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