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Minimalist Artwork Composed of 274,400 Lego Blocks


Lene Wille is an artist from Denmark who decided to create an original work of art out of white LEGO blocks. Initially his work was created for the Amsterdam World Trade Center.

If you look at the sculpture from afar it will appear as a simple curved white wall that resembles a part of a tidal wave.

Only when you look closer you understand that the 25-foot-long work is composed of LEGO bocks, in fact 274,400 of them.

Entitled Metaphorical Horizons, the sculpture took 6 weeks to make. Wille was helped by his team in his studio. In order to see the whole construction process, click here.

It would be interesting to note that the Danish artist drew inspiration from Dom Hans van der Laan, a 20th-century monk and architect, and Daniel Libeskind's Jewish Museum in Berlin.

According to Wille, she was fascinated with "the eternal horizontal line" and how its ends ultimately meet up in order to "create the perfect circle".

[via FastCoDesign]

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