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Miracle Man Who Beat Cancer 8 Times


A man won eight successful battles with deadly cancer and is now considered a medical miracle. Former bank manager, Lawrence Stewart, is a father of two living in Bathgate, West Lothian, UK. He jokes than he catches the deadly disease just like other people get a cold.

Currently the 31-year-old Stewart is in remission. He remembers all of his moments in life when he fought with cancer.

At first it was bladder cancer. He was diagnosed with the disease when he was only 14 years old. Then the doctors won two successful battles with brain tumors, which initially were thought to be incurable.

Afterwards he managed to overcome three times lung cancer. During the operation, surgeons had to remove half of one of Stewart's organs. In the end it was victory against stomach and liver tumors.

"I do feel that having cancer is part of my life. There is no point in complaining about it. I just want to live life to the full. I've never smoked or anything like that," he said.

In 2005 Stewart experienced probably of the darkest days of his life, when doctors found four brain tumors, which they said were incurable and there was nothing they could do.

"They would treat me to try to give me more time with my family - but they were buying me a little more time, that was all," he said. But it was just another miracle for Stewart.

He recalls that surgeons removed one tumor then gave him radiotherapy. Shortly after that, doctors told him that the tumors were shrinking and then they were all gone. Lawrence looks forward to raise GBP 10,000 ($14,770) for Macmillan Cancer Support, reports The Sun.

Today Lawrence continues living with his wife Lynsey, 31, and two of his daughters: Rachel, 6, and Abbie, 2. His miracle gave hope to many people suffering from cancer.

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