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China's Province Bans Mistresses


Lawmakers of the South China province Guandong intend to ban the tradition of keeping mistresses that has became wide-spread in some China regions recently.

It is assumed that ban would be introduced into legislation guaranteeing woman's rights. This amendment is meant to preserve marital bond and social stability, Cheng Jingchu a local lawmaker said.

According to this changes, men are not allowed to keep and live together with mistresses not to say that extramarital affairs are also banned.

The tradition of keeping mistresses in the old China reappeared in the last years. The China authorities are actively criticizing this practice, trying to prevent this trend with the help of administrative and ideological methods.

In the modern China society, an official who is keeping a mistress would be dismissed. Last year, Liu Zhihua Beijing vice-mayor was suspended for bribe and helping his mistress "materially".

Resentful mistresses however is another danger for officials. Last year former deputy commander of the navy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Wang Shouye was dismissed from his post on charges of economic crimes and "loosing his morals". His mistress told the authorities she had been in long term close relationships with him.

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