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Mother for the Third Time, Despite Risking Her Life


Stacey Harold from Kentucky has already become famous for being the tiniest mother in the world. The birth of her third child really proves that miracles do happen.

The 35 year old Mrs. Harold is just 2ft 2 inches high and suffers from a severe illness, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which makes her bones very fragile and her lungs underdeveloped, thus forcing her to use a wheelchair. Besides, her body didn't grow.

But this didn't stop Stacey from realizing her greatest life dream, i.e. having a happy family. After she married her 5ft 4in husband Will in 2004, the couple was anxious to have children. Although doctors warned her that she wouldn't probably survive a pregnancy and her family litteraly begged her not to do this, Stacey and Will decided to have their first daughter, Kateri, who was born after a cesarean section in 2006.

The girl inherited her mother's disease, but Stacey has always said that children were miracles in her life. After 8 months, the happy couple realized they were going to become parents for the second time, reports DailyMail. Again, despite all the warnings and arguments, Stacey decided to go through this, as she strongly believed God was with her.

Their second daughter was born healthy in 2008. Stacey admitted that being pregnant was "uncomfortable", because it made her unable to do almost anything by herself and forced her to stay in bed for weeks. Even if the couple didn't intend to have more than 2 children, recently the third baby was born. This time it was a boy, also born after a cesarean surgery.

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