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Mother Not Guilty for Piercing Daughter's Genitals


A woman who forced her 13-year old daughter to have her genitals pierced to make it painful for her to have a sexual encounter, has pleaded not guilty.

A 39-year old woman from Naples, Florida, whose name was not specified to protect her daughter's identity, was accused of aggravated child abuse and could face a 30 years sentence.

The woman asked her friend to shave her daughter's head to make her look unappealing and insisted on genital piercing after she found out that the girl was having sex her boyfriend. Child welfare officials became concerned after the girl got an infection from piercing.

After a three hour counsel the court decided that women's intentions were not malicious and her actions didn't lead to permanent damage.

The girl refused to appear in court for the verdict. Earlier this week she said she realized her mother was trying to protect her, but it was physically and mentally painful for her.

The defense attorney convinced the jurors that the mother tried to do good but she had to deal with the uncontrollable conduct of her daughter, while the girl agreed to genital piercing to make up with her mother.

The friend of the woman who did the piercing was sentenced for a year, while mother's boyfriend was arrested on allegations of sex with an under aged girl.

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