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Mount Orgasm on Your Car for $278,000


Two genuine, officially issued and rather cheeky car numbers have gone for sale in UK for an impressive GBP 250,000 ($463,000). Because the numbers ORG 45M and PEN 15 are officially registered, anyone might mount them on their UK vehicle.

The price for the number that resembles the word "orgasm" is GBP 150,000 ($278,000) and the one that looks like the word "penis" has a price of GBP 99,995 ($185,000). The sellers, however, warn that those willing to buy the numbers should be ready for some extra attention.

No doubt that these numbers will attack a lot of attention. A spokesman for regtransfers.co.uk said that while they were driving with one of the numbers installed on their Smart car, motorists that passed by made a lot of "interesting" gestures and used their cell phones to take pictures.

The spokesman also mentioned that there were certain problems with selling the number plates due to the fact that newspapers refused to advertise them.

A popular British newspaper banned the advertisement of the number plates, though it publishes pictures of naked women on a daily basis.

Source: Newslite.tv

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