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The police started their investigation on the mysterious "RIP" message left on the MySpace page of two teenage girls that went missing and later were found hanged. On MySpace Stephanie Gestier and Jodie Gater were known to be members of the band called "bitchy". The message on the page said "RIP Jodie & Steph."

It is worth mentioning that both girls disappeared on April 15 and the police couldn't find their bodies until April 22. If taking into consideration the records of MySpace, the last time a change was made on the page was April 14, which means that the "RIP" message was left before the girls were found missing.

Rebekah Horne, who is currently the general manager of MySpace Australia, mentioned that no one could place the text without knowing the password and the e-mail of the page's owner. The text was placed outside of the comments area.

Yesterday, in the Dandenong Ranges National Park, the bodies of the two girls were found hanged from a tree. Currently the police thinks that the girls committed suicide.

The band, in which Stephanie Gestier and Jodie Gater took part, consisted of four members that characterized their music as "Experimental / Happy Hardcore / Rap". The band's page on MySpace states that the two girls sang and wrote the lyrics. "We love to scream and it's what we do best", the band's MySpace page outlined.

On one of the Stephanie's websites she wrote: "I wish i was 10 again eating toothpaste & blue playdough". The page on stated a message, saying: "Believe in me because i dont believe in anything."

The report for the coroner will soon be prepared.

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//17 Mar 15, 2009 10:36 AM | posted by: Remembering
Stephanie Gestier and Jodie Gater saved my life.
Rest in peace girls.
You are always remembered
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//16 Oct 03, 2008 08:51 PM | posted by: summer_rain [InfoMANIAC]
A really sad thing, but, as it was already mentioned here, i don't think it has to do with music, emo culture and all that's related to it... no "mama, we're all gonna die" lyrics would ever get anyone to do that... the cause must be deeper... and listening to such music, writing this kind of stuff is indeed just a manifestation of some inner problems, just a way to get relief and express one's feelings. Commiting a suicide is a way too serious thing as to be done just because of a song...
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//15 Mar 03, 2008 09:40 AM | posted by: tahls
i think these two girls may have been ralistic and nice girls, i dont say the music is the blame, even though all typs of music may change how you feel, but id very much doubt it made these two young ladies commit suicide, the media takes one too many steps and over exagerates things. i just think that these girls ha something either happen too them and it just got to hard to handle or something like that. but id doubt its the musics fault... if it was im pretty sure i, as well as many other teenagers may have been in this situation to right?????
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//14 Sep 14, 2007 12:49 PM | posted by: Unknown
Look, this clearly shows that eating toothpaste and playdough casus demntia. So is not like the music is the problem, rite?
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//13 Aug 29, 2007 09:14 AM | posted by: alcotrazz [InfoMANIAC]
agreed! Music is the first thing the media blames when something like this happenes. Well, if music were GUILTY, then why only two teenagers, who've had problems at school, have committed suicide? I mean, there are myriads of people asigning themselves to emo or any other culture, yet they don't jump out of their windows. Anyway, I feel really sorry for the girls and for their parents...
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//12 Aug 28, 2007 03:57 AM | posted by: tayway
This isn't fair. I was really disappointed to see a photo of Gerard Way and a list of bands mentioned in The Sun Herald that were associated with the 'emo' subculture - that's not fair of the media to blame things such as music or Myspace for the death of these two girls. In my opinion, the 'emo' scene is dead. Bands that were always 'rock' are getting put under a banner because of this selfish act. They're getting blamed! Suicide and Depression was never a 'scene,' and because of things like this it's become like, cool to be 'emo' and have fake little problems to get attention. Argh, shut up.
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//11 Jul 26, 2007 08:44 AM | posted by: alesia
hey everyone i think that the media really has put all the friends and family through way too much its been the hardest 3 months of my life now that jodz is gone she ws ma chicken little my lil banga n my friend for 5 years i didnt get to go to her funeral n pay my respects i regret it each day and it saddens me to think all the friends from mildura jodie had are all like me dillusional n confused, we didnt get a warning we didnt even no she was missing and we certainly werent told her funeral day the family n melb friends seem to critisise us but all we are trying to say is WE ARE HURT REALLY BAD N WE WONT SELF HARM COZ OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
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//10 Jun 05, 2007 09:58 PM | posted by: kireen
If this site would have a comment rating system, I'd rate your comments as BEST, Jessica!

And I hope the death of Jodie and Steph won't be just another teenage suicide for the statistics and that conclusions and decisions will be made, by those, who should have done it all before.

Once again, rip, girls.... and my deepest sympathies to their parents....
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//9 Jun 05, 2007 11:00 AM | posted by: Patrick [InfoKID]
Thanks kirreen. See growing up in a modern day public school, we had many a suicide talk.
We would get public speakers in. But basically the only message is 'Suicide isnt good, if youre sad tell someone, now go back to class and do some work'
Now if youre sad, and hold pride in yourself, youre going to be too scared to tell someone you know about it, even someone you dont know, it takes a toll on your dignity to a point.
The real messages that should be sent should be delivered by someone who knows what its like to lose someone. The message should be 'You can do so much with your life, grades arent everything, if youre not going too good with school thats okay, you have your whole life to improve. Do you want your loved ones to hurt for the rest of their lives? No. Here is a number you can call. Here is a place you can go'
Banning kids from music isnt going to make them happier, tearing them away from the computer wont either.
Placing less pressure on them will.

Yes, steph and jodie should have thought of their parents. But at school if they were being delivered the 'youre just a student, unless you do well we dont care' message that most public schools deliver, then perhaps that was the last thing running through their mind.

Again, serious thought needs to be put into the school environments around Australia.
I personally think they are disgraceful.
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//8 Jun 04, 2007 11:00 AM | posted by: grumbler [InfoMANIAC]
Absolutely agreed with Jessica. It's no good blaming music, poetry and other arts in teen suicides. Of course there are people taking it to close and there are musicians singing it to harsh (sth like 'take and the knife and kill kill kill' and the like).
I'm sure Stephanie Gestier and Jodie Gater had their reasons, apart from music, but I'm pretty sure too that they could have avoided it and theyr should have thought of their parents...

Rest in peace, girls...
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//7 Jun 04, 2007 08:00 AM | posted by: jessica
I personally find it so agrivating that the media is choosing to generalise this tragedy as a product of the 'emo subculture'. One paper even went on to explain what their view of 'emo' was. "Emo is a trend mainly followed by young people between the ages of 13-16, most wearing black clothes, dark makeup, listening to music such as fallout boy and my chemical romance, and frequently using a networking website named Myspace". I feel that such a generalisation makes a mockery of those poor girls. And its very naive of the editors of such articles. Poetry, music, the internet, and fashion trends do not kill people. Two girls wouldnt do such a thing because a 'subculture' directed them to.
And myspace is nothing but a canvas where they had the chance to express their emotions.
Personally, literature, music and art are the things that pull me that little bit further.
Im tired of know-nothing columnists blaming youth depression and suicide on music and art.
The pressure placed on young people today to work so ridiculously hard just to pass school is enough to make anyone depressed.
Perhaps the education department should look at exactly how theyre delivering their 'work hard' message.
Throwing a million assignments on a young person, preventing them from being able to continue with their social life; the main thing in young persons development i feel, is not going to make kids smarter, or more responsible.
Over the last five years, the rate of schoolwork, and homework has risen quite remarkably, and so has the youth suicide rate.
Coincedence? Definately not.
Education rates are starting to make it almost impossible for even the strongest of people to survive, so what happens if youre not that strong?
The education department doesnt care, neither do any school boards.
All they care is that you get good grades.

Perhaps this tragedy might bring light on this subject.

My deepest sympathies go to the friends and family of Steph and Jodie.
Rest in Peace.
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//6 May 31, 2007 04:16 PM | posted by: na
One of the last things steph (r.i.p.) told me was that she loved her mum but wished she could live in sydney with her grandparents cos she hated living in upwey. to this day her msn name still reads:
im more magically than her. HEHAHA:P(P)(*)(R)1more(li)
and personal msg:
the truth seems like a lie(*)im just a girl in the worrrrrrrrrrlddddddddddddd
she was last online the day before she went missing when she was still in sydney.
may she rest in peace. much loved by the friends she did have.
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//5 May 26, 2007 09:55 AM | posted by: greg
I have found this information concerning Stephanie Gestier and Jodie Gater on one of the websites - apparently the guy new Stephanie Gestier, here's what he said:
"I was in a group on VF with Steph.. she was a sweet girl.. and this whole situation has everyone in a bubble of disbelief.. the cruel words being hurrled at these girls even in death is beyond me... all they wanted was to be loved and to be in a world where they could just be themselves.

I hope I never see another tragedy like this in my lifetime, but hoping for such things can be such a farse in its own right....

If only people would open their hearts instead of their mouths sometimes..."
49 votes

//3 May 24, 2007 10:05 AM | posted by: Jason
Nicole. I understand you pretty well, cause when I read the news here, I was kind of shocked by it too. So I tried to gather some more information on the case, though I didn't carry it through. But if you want to see what I found it here it is, with facts and comments:
first thing what I did was I tried to find the urls for Jodie Gater's and Stephanie Gestier's myspace sites. It was not as easy as I thought it would be, as I though every site covering this story would give at least the account name. So finally, I found the "bandbitchy" (the girls' band) and "hoodlum99603" (Jodie's). The interesting thing was that hoodlum99603 site looked very simple, it didn't look like a teenage girl's site at all: it was a pretty small page, with a white background (a punk girl doesn't choose white!), with a photo of her and her boyfriend happily kissing.
Thank GOD there is Google Cache! The version from Google's archive and the actual page looked totally different (it was last cached on 17th… I think I did my research on 24th-25th): there was an inscription (saying something like "blow up your mind"... I didn't put that down, and now I'm sorry for that) throughout the entire page with the one and the same picture (an absinth glass, I guess... I should have made a screenshot of that!). I was seeing the picture as I scrolled the whole page down, which was quite long. The page was very wide too, too wide for any widescreen (it's normal that Google doesn't save a page as it is), so when I scrolled to the right, I saw a video of Nelly: one of the videos for "It's getting hot in here" (not sure the title is this). And here is what Jodie Gater wrote herself about her site (note for moderators: the line is a quote, so, please, consider leaving it as it is): "My site lookz fukd, fuk it lookz fukd" and it went on and on. As far as I remember the text was written in black letters on a black background, so I had to select the page to see it. There were also a friends' page and some photos Jodie's friends (not sure what photos were those, but I guess there were friends).
And the moment which made my hair grey, like in thriller movies: the myspace page (not from Google's archive) had this inscription: "Last visited: 24 April 2007"! Remember when the bodies where found? Even this news was written on 23rd and the page was last visited on 24th. What this is supposed, I have no idea. Of course, there are dozens of people who could have access to her page, but I don't really think that a teenage girl would have shared her blog password with anyone.
The bandbitchy myspace page contained the famous and mysterious R.I.P. inscription (though I'm not quite sure of that now, I know I've seen it, but I don't know where for sure, sorry)
And today both the "bandbitchy" and "hoodlum99603" no longer exist... And I'm pretty sure Stephanie Gester's page doesn't either. I guess you know that already.
Maybe you have some additional information too, Nicole? If you do, please share it, too, I'll be glad to see it. I'll be checking the page too.
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//2 May 21, 2007 05:02 PM | posted by: Nicole
I want to know more about this. I want to reasearch every little detail. I have realised theyre myspace and vampire freaks memberships have been deleted by there parents but i would like to find out theyre music mypace site, the band is called Bitchy. If anyone has any information, please leave a comment on here, i will be checking this page everyday for a week or two, todays date is, 21 may 2007.

52 votes

//1 May 17, 2007 08:00 AM | posted by: Denisse
I just don't understand. I don't want to judge them, because I don't know what they were going through, but this has affected me SO much. What's a person to do???

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