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The police started their investigation on the mysterious "RIP" message left on the MySpace page of two teenage girls that went missing and later were found hanged. On MySpace Stephanie Gestier and Jodie Gater were known to be members of the band called "bitchy". The message on the page said "RIP Jodie & Steph."

It is worth mentioning that both girls disappeared on April 15 and the police couldn't find their bodies until April 22. If taking into consideration the records of MySpace, the last time a change was made on the page was April 14, which means that the "RIP" message was left before the girls were found missing.

Rebekah Horne, who is currently the general manager of MySpace Australia, mentioned that no one could place the text without knowing the password and the e-mail of the page's owner. The text was placed outside of the comments area.

Yesterday, in the Dandenong Ranges National Park, the bodies of the two girls were found hanged from a tree. Currently the police thinks that the girls committed suicide.

The band, in which Stephanie Gestier and Jodie Gater took part, consisted of four members that characterized their music as "Experimental / Happy Hardcore / Rap". The band's page on MySpace states that the two girls sang and wrote the lyrics. "We love to scream and it's what we do best", the band's MySpace page outlined.

On one of the Stephanie's websites she wrote: "I wish i was 10 again eating toothpaste & blue playdough". The page on stated a message, saying: "Believe in me because i dont believe in anything."

The report for the coroner will soon be prepared.

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