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New Bra Increases Woman's Breast When She Feels Aroused


Company created bra that visually increases a woman's breast when they feel aroused. Lisca, a Slovenian lingerie brand, recently unveiled its new Smart Memory Bra that changes the shape of a woman's cleavage according to the alterations in temperature of her body. The bra pushes breasts closer together if a woman sees an attractive person.

The invention is attributed to designer Suzana Gorisek. She mentioned that the bra increases the cleavage if the temperature of the body increases, and deflates if body temperature decreases.

The idea came when the designers started thinking about creating a bra that would alter its shape in accordance with the weather, thus a woman would always have comfortable lingerie.

New bra features expanding foam that is heat-sensitive. According to one of the company's representatives, the Smart Memory Bra is in fact healthier than an ordinary bra due to the fact that a woman always gets the perfect size, thus she always feels comfortable in any situation and place.

Visitors of a large lingerie exhibition that took place in Paris were able to observe the latest invention of Lisca. The initial price of Smart Memory Bra is expected to be 25 pounds (about $38). It is worth mentioning that Lisca is currently the biggest lingerie company in Eastern Europe.

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