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New Challenge - Freefall from Stratosphere


Felix Baumgartner, a pilot, parachutist, and record-breaking BASE jumper from Australia, will take a unique challenge - he will jump out of a capsule suspended from a balloon at the height of 36.5 km in the stratosphere.

The pilot will set a number of world records, including the highest manned flight on a balloon, the highest leap, and the longest freefall. Moreover, he will break the sound barrier with the human body for the first time ever.

The freefall is expected to last 37 seconds and reach speeds of about 1,100 km/h. The pilot will be wearing a pressurized space suit.

Watch Manufacture Zenith, one of the main sponsors of the Red Bull Stratos project, will provide Felix with a reliable wristwatch to provide precision timekeeping in extreme conditions.


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