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New students forced to take pregnancy tests


A technical college for boarders defended its right to force its students to make pregnancy tests. Such measure is taken so students and their parents would be more responsible. The college itself is located in Urumqi, which is the capital of the far western region of Xinjiang.

The Beijing News cited students saying that for several years the college hold the right to test new students for pregnancy. Those that showed positive results were asked to leave. According to one of the college's officials the institution provides yearly health checks of the new students and the test on pregnancy is also included in the check.

It is worth mentioning that the technical college gatheres all the girls into a hall in order to pass urine samples on to doctors. Among all girls from the college those that are aged 17 and 18 represent 70 to 80 percent of all new spring semester students.

The Beijing News said that in case a student with an abnormal result is found, the school's doctors will instantly report on this to the student board.

A part of students who tested positive left the college by themselves and others were asked to leave. According to the paper some had borrowed urine from their classmates in order to pass the tests with negative results.

One of the new students at the college said that the pregnancy test taken as soon as a girl enters the school makes her feel quite uncomfortable. However, some students describing the measure taken by the school's officials as a "warning".

The economic reforms in China resulted in a loosened state control over the personal lives of its people.

Till nowadays a birth out of wedlock in China is a taboo and heavy-handed administration of the one-child policy, this also includes forced abortions. The right groups mentioned that the one-child policy is very common in poor rural areas of the country.

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