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New World Record for Non-Stop Show Set by German DJ


A German radio station announced that a DJ managed to break the world record for the world's longest non-stop radio show. The DJ started his show on Monday and finished it a week after.

Dominik Schollmayer, 26, a DJ at the Hit Radio Antenne in Hanover, central Germany, ran his show for 169 consecutive hours, thus beating the previous world record set by an Indian DJ, who played one hour less.

According to the rules, the DJ had the right to play two successive records of up to 6 minutes but then had to broadcast something else. Dominik Schollmayer was also allowed to have a 5 minute break every hour, he decide save the time in order to have a 15 minutes break every 3 hours.

The man had been under the supervision of doctors throughout the whole record-breaking broadcast. The official website of the German radio station wrote that strange effects took place as a result of sleep deprivation.

One of the entries mentioned that the DJ has gone "completely mad" and was dancing like crazy around the studio when the final hours of his broadcast approached.

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