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Nice Girls Are Better than Boys at School and University


New research claims that girls have better grades at school than boys simply because they are nicer. Scientists managed to find a connection between girls' "agreeableness" in lessons and better test results.

Girls outperform boys at all ages. It was found that in average 7 in 10 girls aged 16 have five good GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education). In contrast, just 60 percent of boys show the same result.

In their latest research, scientists from Haifa University in Israel observed 52 pupils with the goal of analyzing the link between achievement and personality. They analyzed the grades of pupils aged 14 and 15 throughout the academic year. According to the academics, there was just a slight difference between the learning habits of boys and girls. However, girls were much more likely to collaborate during lessons.

They said that agreeableness was linked to personal relations. In their study researchers wrote that students who show good results at agreeableness are more likely to register better results than others when it comes to situations that require teamwork.

"It is possible that highly agreeable students, who function better in the school social environment, may also influence teachers' perceptions of them, resulting accordingly in higher achievement," the study says.

According to Trefor Lloyd, director of Working With Men, an education charity, girls show better results at negotiating with teachers. In contrast to boys, girls are not ashamed to admit that they didn't understand something, which is why they ask more questions. The Higher Education Policy Institute found that girls were more likely to receive places at some of the leading institutions, take such high status subjects as law and medicine, and register better results.

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