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No Undie Sundie Event Canceled for Being Sexist


According to Australian authorities, a bar located in St. Kilda, Australia, was ordered to terminate its promotion that allowed women to receive free drinks if they removed their underwear.

The Melbourne Herald-Sun reported that the event, dubbed "No Undie Sundie", was scheduled for Sunday, but the director of licensing for the Australian state of Victoria, Sue Maclellan, forced Saint Hotel to stop its promotion due to the fact that it could support irresponsible drinking. The director of licensing ordered the bar to cancel the event shortly after meeting the licensee of the pub.

It is worth mentioning that the advertisement said women, who remove their underpants at the bar, would get $40 in free drinks or 4 of the pub's cocktails.

Activists criticized the event for being dangerous and sexist.

"It sends a very bad message, and it is one made very explicit. The Saint is really pushing the barriers," outlined Carolyn Worth, spokeswoman for the Melbourne Center Against Sexual Assault.

Source: United Press International

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