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Norwegian prison goes green


The world's first ecological prison gives its inmates the possibility to live in healthy environment and stay positive.

Bastoey Prison located on a deserted island in Norway has already win recognition by environmental groups. The prison has solar powered panels that were installed with the help of the inmates themselves. They use wood-waste for heating and eat food that is absolutely organic.

The prison has its own garden where inmates grow vegetables, grains and berries that are pesticides free. No food is unused - if something is left -it is sent to other prisons.

Besides the organic food, prisoners have a farm where they look after domestic animals like cows, sheep, and chicken. They also can have a rest and go fishing in the nearby Skagerrak Sea.

In summer inmates can have a walk on the beach and enjoy nature. You won't even see a usual barbed wire around this eco-friendly prison.

There is always a chance even for 115 murderers and rapists living in Bastoey Island to be forgiven.

Per Eirik Lund, the prison's deputy governor says that inmates learn to take responsibility and do something useful.

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