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NPIRE Builds Pixelated Wall in Office Using 55,000 LEGOs


NPIRE is a creative agency that decided to do something special for their Hamburg office, which is why it came up with the idea of using LEGO blocks to create a room divider.

With the help of 55,000 LEGOs the agency's representatives built a wall that separates the kitchen and the hallway. Thus the wall hides the dirty dishes along with food leftovers.

The interesting thing is that the pixilated LEGO wall can be easily taken down and rebuilt elsewhere or the pieces can be used for other projects.

In order to collect enough bricks, the staff brought LEGO pieces from their homes and mixed them with 80 new packs of LEGO. The wall turned out to be not only useful but beautiful as well.

The wall measures 3 feet in width and is 2,80 high. It cost 2,500 Euros to make and was slowly erected throughout a year.

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