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Odd Futuristic Home to Appear on a Roof of a Beijing's Mall


The Australia-based Laboratory for Visionary Architecture Asia Pacific (LAVA) has come up with their vision of the house of tomorrow.

Their concept embraces the outdoors and is equipped with the latest technologies.

So far there has been very little information given on the concept. However, it is known that the construction represents a geodesic dome equipped with a breathable ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) roof.

It is worth mentioning that ETFE is a type of plastic that was developed to resist corrosion and show high strength over extreme temperatures.

It was reported that the roof will offer "a year-round microclimate that opens up the home to a garden filled with sun, light and fresh air." The futuristic home includes a tropical indoor garden along with "internal/external bathroom zones," and "sunken bedrooms with dream inducing lighting."

During the night, the home turns into a truly futuristic environment with "the electronic veins of the system, coming to life."

Probably the most interesting thing about this concept is that among other designs, this "Home of the Future" from LAVA is actually being built. It will be located on the roof of a shopping mall in Beijing, reports FastCoDesign.

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