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Old Man Shot at Rappers Thinking They Insulted Him in the Song


A rap group, who had a concert in northeast Senegal allegedly made a 70-year-old-man very angry. The man took out his rifle and opened fire on members of the band. He though that the lyrics of the group were insulting him.

The shooting incident took place in Lobabli village, located in the Matam region, about 700 kilometers from the capital Dakar. Five people were wounded during the shooting. According to a local police officer, the man ordered the rap band to stop singing when he heard them saying "cranky old man" in the song. But when the band continued their concert than man opened fire, reports Stuff.co.nz.

"The elderly gentleman felt that these young people were insulting him in their songs," said the police officer. He mentioned that the man was arrested shortly after the shooting.

It is worth mentioning that rap songs are increasing their popularity in Muslim Senegal, featuring lyrics that strongly criticize political leaders, ways of life and/or social behavior.

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