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Oldest Woman Of Norway And Her Long Life Secrets


The oldest woman of Norway, Gunda Harangen had died at the age of 109 years old. Every day the woman used to drink a cup of cognac, she also lived alone, without a man that would " tear her nerves out". This precisely was the secret of her longevity, as she herself affirmed.

The death of Gunda Harangen was announced to the press by her nephew. According to him, she died in her sleep on November, 25th.

Hunda Harangen had only one month left till she would have been 110. The woman was born on December, 25th, 1898 , and she was the eldest out of 7 brothers and sisters in her family.

Perhaps, to those women who want to live long the advice of the Norwegian woman will be helpful - to restrain oneself from any relationships with the opposite sex. This doesn't refer, however, to men too, as scientists in Great Britain have found out. The results of a research, published in August 2008, says that the key to men's longer lives is the polygamy.

With the corrections made for the social and economical differences, the researchers have counted that: men older than 60 from 140 countries, where polygamy is being practiced, lived longer than men from other 49 countries, where a monogamous way of life prevails.

Among the factors that make one's life longer, scientists also name having children and a good education. Children make parents' life truly diverse, chaotic and tensed, and motivate them to lead a healthier way of life. It is known that men and women with higher education have 2 times lower risk of death than people of the same age group, but with a primary education only.

Another method of prolonging life, researchers consider to be family scenes. In their opinion, in couples that prefer to solve their problems in peace and with less emotions the level of earlier mortality is twice as high as in those who unload their emotions in one or other way.

Statistics show: unmarried men live 3500 days less, smoking men - 2250 days less, unmarried women live 1600 days less (the cause of the difference between the lgetivity of an unmarried man and an unmarried woman is linked with the fact that women adapt easier and better to any conditions of their surroundings, while men in some situations can be helpless - take cooking for example), extraweight decreases one's lifetime by 1300 days, smoking women live 800 days less, car accidents decrease life span by 300 days, drug abuse - 90 days, natural radiations - 8 days, medical radiograms - 6 days, coffee - 6 days.

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