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Online Communities Choose Gaming Over Sex


A survey carried out among online gamers showed that the majority would choose computer games over sex. The study was initiated by, an online community that questioned 1200 of its members about the role that gaming plays in their social life. Several rather surprising results were revealed by the survey.

It turned out that 75 percent of gamers of legal age would vote for the online games rather than sex. However, the study did not take into consideration users under 17, which constitute about 43 percent of all Fizzy members. Another surprising result showed that girls were more likely than boys to ditch dating for online games.

It was revealed that 51 percent of girls are simply not ready for dating, which is why the 50 percent of boys under 16, who decided to stay home and play a video game instead of going out with a girl, probably made a wise choice. About 64 percent of all female users on Fizzy are aged between 9 and 24.

But there is still an advantage here, since 84 percent of all users prefer playing games that require a lot of thinking and most of them choose "brain-training" games of television.

"The under 16's in particular prefer games to traditional activities such as watching television as they can challenge their brains, their friends and their coordination skills. There is even recent evidence to show that casual games provide good stress relief," mentioned Colin Cardwell, CEO of Australian developer 3rd Sense, the owner of Fizzy. It is worth mentioning that today the website attracts about a million visitors each month.

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