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$3.5M Painting Made of Thousands of Dead Butterflies


A week ago the painting entitled "I Am Become Death, Shatterer of Worlds" was sold at Christie's auction in London for GPB 2.2 million ($3.5 million).

Although it looks beautiful, the work of Damien Hirst evokes rather disturbing feelings and makes people think about life and death.

The 17 x 7-feet work is made of real butterflies. It is one of the many similar works made by Hirst, and it is the largest of them all.

To create his works, Hirst collected butterflies and let them die after landing in wet paint. But how he managed to create his latest work still remains unclear.

Obviously the works of Hirst were highly criticized, especially by animal rights groups, informs Inhabitat.

It is worth mentioning that life, death and religion are the main characters in Hirst's works.

Although the latest composition is made of thousands of dead butterfly wings, Christie's says that these winds "glisten with glorious life".

Hirst's paintings are quite controversial but it is also possible that in his works the artist attempts to draw attention to the beauty in the world and the way people carry on polluting and overlooking the real problems.

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