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Parents Lose Custody of Their Children for Teaching them Nazi


Children who were taught Nazi ideology by their parents were taken to the authorities to have a permanent custody of the kids.

A couple from Manitoba province, Canada lost custody of their children when it was found about their attempts to impose Nazi beliefs and racists feelings on their children. Two children, a seven-year-old girl and a two-year-old boy were removed from their parents and are cared by the local Child and Family Services .

The court ruled in favor of the government authorities, who wanted to preserve the children's emotional well-being from their white supremacist parents.

Winnipeg Free Press announced that the case was revealed after the event happening on March 25, when a girl appeared in school with a sign of swastika and Nazi markings "14/88" on her arms and one leg.

The numbers had a Nazi symbolism with 14 referring to a 14 words slogan: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children", while 88 refer to the "Heil Hitler" words.

The man is known to be a white supremacist, who cared for his stepdaughter and his son. In 2005 he was presumed to be involved in "hate crimes" related to children. He told that he has dedicated his entire life to being a skinhead and is not going to change. His wife, who called herself a "white nationalist", was considered by court to be unfit for parenting.

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