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Parents starved their 14-year-old daughter


A 14-year-old girl was found in the state of extreme exhaustion in Seattle as her father and stepmother kept her without food and water. As authorities reported, her weight was just 48 pounds.

If Jon Pomeroy and his wife Rebecca Long are found guilty in criminal mistreatment they can be jailed for four years. After the charges were exhibited, they both were let out on bail.

The girl was found in the family house near Carnation in August. It became possible just after a neighbor called child welfare authorities. The veteran detective, who was at the place of investigation, said that it was the worst thing he had ever seen. The girl confessed that she was allowed to eat only a toast and to drink about 6 ounces of water per day. The stepmother kept an eye on her even when she brushed her teeth not to let her drink more water. As the woman said, the girl and her 12-year-old brother had been taught at home for four years.

Rebecca Long admitted that she withheld the girl water in order to teach her discipline. As a result, the girl suffered from malnutrition and dehydration and was taken to Children's Hospital in Seattle. Even her teeth were affected and six of them had to be extracted.

Now the girl is in foster care, attends a private school and makes new friends. She managed to gain more than 20 pounds in her new family. The boy's state of heath caused no misgiving and he was also placed in foster care.

Jon Pomeroy told detectives that he made little account of the conflict between his new wife and his daughter. He considered his interference was not necessary. Besides that, he never turned to experts even though it was obvious that the girl's physical state was abnormal.

Such attitude seems more than strange as even the family's two dogs were treated with care and received enough food.

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