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People Determine The Gender By The Colour Of The Skin Around The Eyes And Mouth

Canadian scientists established that the human brain determines the gender of other persons by the the shape and colour of skin areas on the face, and it seems that the most important areas are the ones around the eyes and the mouth.

During the research, Nicolas Dupuis-Roy with his colleagues from the University of Montreal have showed to 30 volunteers pictures with 300 faces of white people. These pictures have been processed through a technology called Bubbles, which hides separate parts of the image. During the demonstration, the participants in the experiment were proposed to determine the gender of the people on the pictures in case.

It turned out that the main role in the identification of the gender belongs to subtile gradations and intensity of colour of the skin surrounding the eyes and the mouth. In contrast to the previous studies, which have attributed this role to the space between the eyebrows and the upper eyelid, Canadian scientists have proved that the tints of the red and green colours of skin in the mentioned areas allow determining the gender faster.

According to Dupuis-Roy, in a quick analysis of the face with illegible gender differences, the brain determines a more intense green colour of the skin and a more intense red colour of the mouth as a sign of feminine gender, and, on the contrary, a redder tint of the skin and a greener tint of mouth's colour as a man's. "A man's face usually reflects less light in the area of the eyebrows, because they are, as a rule, thicker than in women. The same thing goes for areas of the skin above the upper lip and on the chin, which are covered by hair in men", the researcher reported.

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