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People Witness the Extremely Rare All-White Humpback Whale


Migaloo is the all-white humpback whale. Recently the whale was spotted traveling along with a number of other whales during their annual migration. It is worth mentioning that each year the all-white humpback whales travel to warmer waters.

The enthusiastic whale watches managed to witness the migration of a rare whale off the Queensland coast. It is currently the only documented all-white humpback whale on Earth. This is the reason why, when spotted, experts ordered to create a 500 meter exclusion area.

In case someone got close to the whales, they would have to face a fine of $16,000. Experts say that now Migaloo is about ten years old and has been observed regularly off the country's east coast over the last couple of years.

Below you can see the video filmed last year by the International Whaling Commission.

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