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Photographer Makes World's Biggest Panoramic Image of Dubai - 45Gpxls


Thanks to his GigaPan robotic camera, photographer Gerald Donovan managed to create the world biggest photo - a 45-megapizel picture of Dubai. If printed, the image would be the size of 1,200 billboards.

The photograph is composed of 4,250 pictures, which the robotic camera took in about three and a half hours.

Previously the GigaPan Epic was used to create the 18-giagapixel panoramic image of the city of Prague and a 26-gigapixel photograph of Paris. The device was launched in March 2010, being designed using a magnesium chassis and aluminum arm. Its weight is about 8 lbs, which includes the weight of the battery pack.

The current picture of Dubai was taken with the help of a Canon 7D camera combined with the Pro mount. Donovan teamed up with GigaPan engineers to create one big image out of the large number of smaller ones. To stitch the images together they used the Autopano software. The picture was then uploaded to GigaPan's website.

However, the image is not crystal clear due to poor air quality in the city. Check out the videos below to see some parts of the process.

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