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Police Found Children's Remains in Freezer


Maryland police found human remains in a basement freezer of a woman, who said that those were her adopted daughters. The woman is suspected of the girls' murder, while police investigates the runaway case of a girl, who has escaped home after the repeated abuse.

Renee Bowman, a 43-year old woman told the authorities that the girls' remains had been frozen for about seven months. Police believes the woman is responsible for the murder of her two daughters, aged 9 and 11.

Calvert County authorities discovered the bodies in the home in Lusby, about 50 miles southeast of Washington, DC. They were investigating the case of another girl, aged 7, who escaped home, suffering from extreme abuse from her mother. The girl was found seeking for help in the neighborhood with a T-shirt stained with blood and faeces. She had numerous injures, including bruises on her hands and lips as well as marks on her neck. Apparently, the girl jumped out from her home where she was locked and beaten by the woman.

Bowman faces charges of first-degree child abuse, while she accepted that she had beaten the 7-year old girl with a hard-heeled shoe. During the interview, Bowman said that she locked the girl in her bedroom and told police that "she knew what she did was wrong". The runaway girl is taken to child protective services.

It is known that the woman adopted three children from Washington. Police is trying to find out, when the older girls were seen alive and how they might have died. The officials are waiting for autopsies, but it is unclear how long it may take.


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