Friday, 17 Aug, 2007 Offbeat

Police Officer on Duty in the Middle of Sex


A British police officer found not guilty after the jury come to a conclusion he was having sexual affair during the working hours as he was conscientious of his duties.

Massoud Khan, 41 year old man, who works as a police transport inspector, had a "date" with his 43 year old lover, he met on the internet. The encounter took place in a room at the police station at Gatwick Airport as later it was revealed.

The court proved the police officer's encounter didn't interfere with the work as he was wearing an earphone able to answer all the emergency calls. Mr.Kahn said he would do his job if there would be any emergency to deal with.

During a trial, his lawyer Kevin Baumber told that officer's behavior was not a crime, although he didn't show a proper conduct. He said that the case wouldn't have gone to the court if his client was having a lunch or played some game.

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