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Poll Identifies the Biggest Mistakes on a First Date

Share, which is an internet marketing research company, carried out a poll of 3,000 people to identify the biggest mistakes a person makes on the first date. From the very start it is worth mentioning that the number one mistake was clicking your fingers at a waiter.

Such a rude gesture managed to outrun other first date faux pas like pouring too much salt on a meal before even tasting it and drinking too much alcohol at the table.

"There are basic rules of etiquette which should be adhered to when eating out - and they're not hard to remember," the company's spokesman said, adding that most participants consider that good manners are quite enough for their dinning companions, which means that there should be no such things as burping, coughing, breaking wind and obscenities.

The research found that 63 percent of respondents don't like when their companion treats the waiter badly. About 50 percent of adults reported they hate when a person picks their teeth with finger nails. Almost half said that they really don't like seeing a person licking the knife. About 38 percent said that it's not sexy when someone is slurping a soup.

Here are the 10 most popular first date mistakes:

1. Clicking fingers at the waiter

2. Adding salt to the meal before tasting it

3. Getting drunk

4. Licking the plate clean

5. Burping

6. Picking teeth with fingers

7. Licking the knife

8. Slurping soup

9. Talking about sex or bodily functions

10. Not leaving a tip

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