Tuesday, 26 Jun, 2007 Offbeat

Pornography to Be Allowed for Prison Rapists


Sweden inmates who were convicted for rape were given a free access to have pornography by the Supreme Administrative court in Sweden.

This became a verdict of the case where a man was refused to have porn material while he was serving his eight year sentence for sexual assault.

The Swedish Prison and Probation Service was decisive to ban pornography for the prisoner, however the Supreme Administrative court in Sundsvall opposed this verdict. Their conclusion was to allow pornography for prisoners acting according to the freedom of information principles.

The decision was argued by prison authorities who think that access to pornography can make the situation in jail even worse and interfere with the therapy given to rapists. They are also concerned that these actions can shatter prison security and pose threads for everyone.

In spite of the fact that Prison and Probation Service disagreed with the decision, the Supreme Administrative Court said its final word on the case and supported the initial verdict.

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